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Eyass harvest is upon us!
We congratulate the
members that recently
acquired new accipiters.
Longwings on Corvids
One of our members
submitted this photo of a
falcon being used for the
classical pursuit of crows
Our Mission
The aim of the Illinois Falconer's Organization to provide an outlet for active hunting falconers and aspirants to hone their skills through collaboration with fellow sportsman in and out of the field. We will provide a unified voice for legislative concerns to our sport within the state of Illinois, and Federally through affiliation with our national body. Finally, we will encourage our membership to educate the general public about the rich history of falconry, its current legitimacy as a field sport and its positive benefits to scientific and conservation efforts.
Our Vision
Our Values
As participants in the world's oldest hunting sport, we believe that falconry is part of our world heritage. It is an art best taught through good personal instruction by active hunting sportsmen who have mastered the art. Through a strong social organization falconers can collaborate amongst themselves to share traditions and cutting edge theory to pursue the highest quality of sport .It is our responsibility to preserve and practice falconry both legally and responsibly throughout the United States to ensure the privilege to coming generations of falconers. Our collective futures rest on the grassroots support at the state level and through supporting our national organization (NAFA) for the continued legal legitimacy of our pastime.

As the future brings opportunities, we aim to be the preeminent voice of all Illinois falconers of good character. With a unified voice lobbying on behalf of falconry issues, we will usher in a new age of Illinois falconry.

Illinois Falconer's Organization
Active supporters of the
North American Falconer's
Association, our national